Thamrin Nine Mansion

Thamrin Nine Mansion

Project Name:Thamrin Nine Mansion
Architect:Meinhardt Façade Technology
Location:Jakarta / IDN
Sub Solution:Apartment
Residential Complexes
System:Retractable Skylights
Sub System:ClearSky
Size:27m W x 31.48m L, 968m2 dome + 119m2 End Wall Glazing
Project Number:10009


Embark on a journey to Thamrin Nine Mansion, where innovation meets the sky! Libart takes immense pride in unveiling the world's largest Retractable ClearSky (Large Opening Skylight) at this architectural marvel.

Spanning an awe-inspiring 27m in width and 31.48m in length, Libart’s Retractable ClearSky at Thamrin Nine Mansion is a true giant in the world of design. This monumental structure boasts a staggering 1,087m2 of insuline Glass glazing, making it a beacon of openness and connectivity with the elements.

What sets this retractable skylight apart is not just its size but its groundbreaking features. As a 66% opening telescopic wonder, it stands as a testament to Libart's relentless pursuit of pushing design boundaries. Crafted from structural aluminum and adorned with Insulated Glass (IG) technology, this skylight redefines the possibilities of architectural innovation.

Step into a space where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor dissolve with the push of a button, revealing the expansive sky above. Thamrin Nine Mansion's retractable skylight is not merely a structure; it's an experience, inviting nature to become an integral part of the design.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary—the world's largest Retractable ClearSky (Large Opening Skylight) at Thamrin Nine Mansion, a testament to Libart's commitment to transforming spaces into living, breathing works of art. Welcome to a new era of design where the sky is not just the limit; it's the canvas.

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