Verdad Mexican Restaurant

Verdad Mexican Restaurant

Project Name:Verdad Mexican Restaurant
Location:Austin, TX / USA
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Kinetic Telescopic Glass Wind Breaker
Sub System:KU - FC
Project Number:10014

Revolutionize Your Space with Libart's Telescopic Glass Railing!

Verdad True Modern Mexican Restaurant, a vibrant dining establishment in the heart of Austin, Texas, sought to elevate their outdoor dining experience for their patrons. To achieve this, they collaborated with Libart to install the innovative Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing system. This system not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant but also provides practical benefits, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable environment for guests.

Challenges: Prior to the installation, the restaurant's outdoor seating area was equipped with standard railings that offered minimal protection against the elements. As Austin's weather can be unpredictable, diners often faced discomfort due to wind and rain. The restaurant needed a solution that could be seamlessly integrated without disrupting daily operations or inconveniencing patrons.

Solution: Libart proposed and installed the Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing system, a state-of-the-art solution designed to transform outdoor spaces. This system allows the glass panels to be elevated within seconds, providing an instant shield against wind and rain. When the weather is favorable, the panels can be retracted, maintaining an open and airy ambiance.

Implementation: The installation process was meticulously planned to ensure minimal disruption to the restaurant's operations. Libart's team worked during off-peak hours and coordinated closely with the restaurant staff to maintain a smooth workflow. The transformation was completed efficiently, allowing Verdad True Modern Mexican Restaurant to continue serving its guests without any major interruptions.

Results: The new Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing system has significantly enhanced the outdoor dining experience at Verdad. Guests can now enjoy their meals comfortably, regardless of weather conditions. The sleek, modern design of the glass railing complements the restaurant's contemporary aesthetic, creating an inviting atmosphere that attracts more patrons.

Client Feedback: The management at Verdad True Modern Mexican Restaurant has expressed their satisfaction with the project outcome. They have noted an increase in customer satisfaction and a rise in the number of guests opting to dine outdoors, even during less favorable weather conditions. The ability to offer a versatile and comfortable outdoor seating area has set Verdad apart from other dining options in the area.

Conclusion: Libart's Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing system has successfully transformed Verdad True Modern Mexican Restaurant's outdoor seating area into a versatile and comfortable space. This project stands as a testament to Libart's commitment to innovation and quality, providing practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients.

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