Volues Vous Belgrade

Volues Vous Belgrade

Project Name:Volues Vous Belgrade
Location:Belgrade / SRB
Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
System:Kinetic Telescopic Glass Wind Breaker
Sub System:KU - FB
Size:8 Pieces KU-FB 1.5m X 1.85m | 1 Piece KU-FB 1.3m X 1.8m
Glazing:6mm Clear Tempered (All Pieces)
Project Number:10005

Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing Here To Increase Luxury For Your Restaurant.

Such a modern, innovative and useful railing would be appropriate between such modern architectural houses.

Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing systems provide all the benefits of a glass railing, with the convenience of an additional wind and rain shield when required. The systems utilize a concealed self-charging piston system that eliminates the unsightly counterweights, thick profiles, cables, and pulleys that are used by other inferior systems. It opens manually and closes automatically with a simple touch.

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