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Shopping Malls & Retail

Shopping malls remodel the retail business as it became the place for hangout and meet up around the globe. Mega cities have a fascinating array of malls where you do not find only shops for purchasing clothes or accessories, but most of them have coffee shops, dining places and even places for entertainment such as cinemas. Let us call them a City under a Roof.

The boom in e-shopping disrupts the retail industry. From 2010-2013 the visits in malls decrease to half and it is free falling since then. The game is changing and you need to step up transforming your venue from ordinary to extraordinary.

Now the questions are how to make your shopping mall or retail business so attractive that people show up for socialising and feel connected. Libart with the same approach concludes the answer with its concept of Motion in Architecture.

Libart is changing concepts as we did it for many other shopping malls and retailers in recent years. Have a look at our project videos and get inspired! 

The experience of street shopping along with weather controlled shopping mall combined innovatively with Libart retractable structure systems. The variety in our Skylights, Retractable roofs, panoramic views retractable glass systems revamp your venue perfectly awarding the flavor of modern architectural design.

                                            Make the investment you won't regret!

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