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Steam Hotel

The old steam power plant on Lake Mälaren was once one of the largest energy producers, but then one day time caught up and what was left was a beautiful old brick factory, machine park, boilers and pipes.
Until now that is. ess group, creators of two of sweden’s most award-winning spa and resort hotels – ystad saltsjöbad and falkenberg strandbad – has tranformed this steam power plant from 1917 into a spectacular world-class destination.

This 18 floors tall 100 year-old building, 15 meters from the waters edge, with 227 rooms in a industrialised-romantic style, restaurants and bars with coupled to a international vision, 800 sqm spa, Sweden’s only waterslide park and views over Lake Mälaren will leave you breathless and guaranteed to awaken all your senses to life.

We who have created The Steam Hotel currently operates two of Sweden’s and Europe’s highest acclaimed resorts, Ystad Saltsjöbad and Falkenberg Strandbad. Hotels and destinations where we, since their inception 10 years ago, every day have as our sole focus on that you, our esteemed guest, will want to come back again and again. At The Steam Hotel we have precisely the same ambitions – nothing short of delivering a world-class experience to you.