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“Horizontal Retractable Enclosures Roof Systems are
fully engineered aesthetic transparents shells between adverse weather conditions and your living or operational space.

The mobility structures and systems offer continuous fresh air, without seeing any horizontal and vertical frames”

Why Horizontal Retractable Skylight?

  • Creates functional, peaceful space
  • No obstruction between you and the blue sky
  • Adapts to building like an original component
  • Moves on the rails and park under-over each other
  • Allows natural light and safety from harsh weather
  • Built in gutter system
  • Independent of seasons

Areas Of Use:

  • Pool Enclosures
  • Shopping Center, Mall
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes 
DocumentsTest Reports, Certificates, BIM Objects, Drawings, Documents, Forms
Max Width: 12m (39')Max Length: 12m (39')Frames: 2
Max Width: 9m (30’)Max Length: 64m(210’)Frames: 1