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Thamrin Nine

Name: Thamrin Nine
Number: Thamrin Nine
Customer: Thamrin Nine
Location: Jakarta / İndonesia
Solution: Residential Complexes
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Size: 27m x 31m
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From Commercial buildings to residential complexes, Libart has solutions for all. The ongoing residential complex with the name of Thamrin Nine in Jakarta, Indonesia is going to be famous soon with the biggest Skylight retractable structure installed at their roof. Libart behind the architectural design make this possible for the residential complex to achieve this title of Largest Skylight made with aluminum and glass

Installing this mega structure on the roof that has an opening span of 27m is quite challenging. Professional working ethics and must do attitude of team Libart came up with a solution in which they created the dome system at the ground and then lifted them up to the rails. A temporary platform was also created at one side of the roof for the safety of workers. For the structure of this massive size, Libart designed a new motor that has the capability to operate this retractable skylight dome. This is all from Libart on Site in Indonesia. 

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