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Yildiz Teknik Gastronom

Name: Yildiz Teknik Gastronom
Number: 1815
Location: Istanbul, TR
Solution: Restaurant & Cafe
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Size: 7.3m x 17.8m (23' x 58')
Glazing: -
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Patios are amazing real estate for any café. They allow customers to enjoy the good weather and smoke if they so desire. However during rain or colder weather the café patio becomes nigh deserted. With the Libart installation the café retracting skylight retains all of its previous pros and eliminates all of its con.

The retracting skylight allows in fresh air and keeps out leaves and dirt. Patio skylights such as this one are a great addition to any café allowing greater return of investment for your dining areas.

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