April 11th, 2019

World's Widest Vertical Retracting Windows System

The team at Libart proudly celebrated with joy and happiness as the installation of world’s widest vertical retracting window system completed at the Roof top of Epicenter, Ukraine. 

Libart being the pioneer of vertical retracting automatic guillotine windows; always eager to improve its innovation of Panora - View with improvisation in engineering, mechanics and size. In last few years the company have completed hundreds of commercial projects with the installation of Panora Windows and Doors; that keeps the team busy. However, the motto “For a better view” never get down on the priority list for the management and it keeps them engaged with the team of architects, designers, engineers, R&D and finally came up with the biggest panoramic windows that world have ever seen.

The width of the windows are 5.8 meter whereas the height is of 3.7 meter making them the world’s widest windows that retracts vertically. The 3 frames windows have one fixed frame whereas the other two frames which are of 560 kg are automatically operated with remote control. The opening and closing time is around 90 seconds whereas there is little or no sound during the operation.

Video Link: https://www.libart.com/world-largest-windows-video/

Project: Epicenter

City/Country: Kyiv, Ukraine

Size: Width: 5.8 m | Height: 3.7 m

Model: GUG – W3 (4 Units)

Glass: Insulated glass (Glass: 8mm, Gap: 16mm, Glass 8mm)

Wind Support: 78 mm inside, 120 mm outside

Glazing: Tinted Float

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